Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery Sound Clips

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The Bewitched Jukebox(14K)

The Bewitched Jukebox(14K)

Welcome to the Bewitched jukebox! The jukebox conatins a large number of sound clips, which are picked randomly when you click on the jukebox in the Bewitched Lounge.

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DL Time for most sounds (all under 100K) in the jukebox: under 30 Seconds

Liz Speaks For Herself(14K)

Liz at Home(8K)

1. Liz is asked the question "Was the replacement of the Darrin rough on everyone at the time?" Real Audio, streaming

2. Liz discusses her dad in relation to the pilot episode of Bewitched. Real Audio, streaming

3. Question: Do you have a favorite movie which your dad starred in? Real Audio, streaming

4. Liz talks about her father's role in being an advisor for President Eisenhower. Real Audio, streaming

5. Liz answers the question "did you ever discuss politics with your father? Real Audio, streaming

1973 Lost Passwords

** BEWITCHED.NET EXCLUSIVE **According to insiders at Game Show Network and other sources, the 1971-75 era of Password will probably never again be seen. While the episodes are listed in the Goodson-Todman catalogue, these 1971-75 shows appear to be yet another tragic victim of a foolish network supervisor who authorized either erasing or destroying the tapes to make room for storage in a network warehouse. They are lost and gone forever----that is, unless someone named Wendy sat in front of the TV that summer with her tape recorder and camera making sure she didn't miss a word during the week Liz and Robert Foxworth were on together! I may be the only one with any trace of these shows. Too bad there were no VCR's back then, but I did the best I could :-)

1973 Lost Passwords1973 Lost Passwords1973 Lost Passwords

1. Hear the opening of the show here (remember that jingle?)
2. Lightning Round 1
3. Lightning Round 2
4. Lightning Round 3
5. Liz gets the word "medicine"
6. Wanna wiggle your nose?
7. Liz gets the word "flint"
8. Friday's show closing is here.

The Commercial Side Of Bewitched

Click on a photo to see an MPEG video of rare ABC Bewitched promos and Liz doing a Clairol commercial.

Click the text links to hear only the audio portion.

Bewitched promo
Audio Only
Bewitched promo
Audio Only
Bewitched promo
Audio Only
Bewitched promo
Audio Only

Hear Elizabeth do the "NEXT IN COLOR" promos which preceeded the 6th, 7th and 8th seasons of the show (8th season coming soon). Click on each picture to hear the accompanying sound (28K).

Image of Liz Image of Liz

Bewitched Around The World

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