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Bewitched is shown in all the major countries around the world (except Sweden, for some reason. Ask a Swede if they like the show Bewitched and they will say "huh?") What I like about the foreign shows is that every one I have seen is UNCUT, unlike the ones here. Many countries also have NO COMMERCIAL INTERRUPTIONS whatsoever! All the commercials run after the show is over. With the exception of Israel, all shows are dubbed (very well, too) in the language of that country. Some of the French episodes (though not all) have the laugh track removed, which I like! Some of the German episodes overlay their own sound effects, so the dings and twinkles we are so used to hearing are replaced with other equally well-done sounds. In Germany, they put the name of the episode up on the opening sequence, crediting William Asher after Endora's credit. They do not show the full closing credits, only a screen showing credits for Samantha, Darrin Endora and the year and name of the episode at the end of each show (see photos below). Israel uses subtitles, leaving the original English soundtrack intact. They also have hebrew letters under the word "Bewitched" in the opening which read "Samantha". Israel also shows the episode title after the opening cartoon sequence, just underneath the "written by" and "directed by" credits. The Japanese opening is "narrated", and some of the shows have the part of the original flying Chevy animation, though they fade it out before the Chevy caption is shown.

Below you will find some frames from the openings and credits of some of the foreign shows, as well as sound clips from some of them. I have more languages coming, so check back!

If you are from another country and would like to contribute to this page, let us know!

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Click here for a French-dubbed Bewitched sound clip
Click both here and here to hear Elizabeth speak in French

Image of French Opening

Thanks to my friend Judy Samar in Japan! Click here for a Japanese sound clip
Click the photo below to hear the full Japanese opening

Image of Japanese Opening

Click here for a German sound clip

Image of German Opening


Arutz 7 Radio

Arutz channel 7 radio near Jerusalem in Israel contacted me to do an interview about my Bewitched site May 6, 1999. Ron Ami Meir described how serious the radio in Israel is because of all the turmoil they are dealing with there, and he, as a radio announcer decided to "lighten things up" on the show he does by doing a few programs on old TV comedy shows. He thought it would lift people's spirits and serve as a pleasant distraction. I thought that was a really nice idea, so consented to the interview. The show is in English and is called "Now Until Midnight". I left the first 6 minutes or so on before I came on so you could hear them take a call from a listener and talk a little about Bewitched. I also left on some Israeli music at the end since it was so pretty. The interview took place at 2 AM, so if I sound a little tired, you'll know why! To hear "me" click here. (Real Audio) They broadcast live (mostly in Hebrew, but some in English) 24 hours a day - visit their site and hear what's going on in Israel here.

Image of Israeli Opening

Click below to hear Elizabeth herself speak Italian
Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3

~Spain/Latin America~
Click below to hear Elizabeth speak Spanish
Clip 1

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