I was lucky enough to be able to speak online with Dick Wilson (AKA "the drunk" on Bewitched, who also played "Mr. Whipple" the Charmin salesman from the toilet tissue commercials) as well as Barbara Eden (AKA "Jeannie" from the I Dream Of Jeannie TV show) in the following interviews. Dick Wilson is one of the few surviving cast members of Bewitched. I saw a live photo of him that night, and he looked great! I've chosen a few lines unrelated to the Bewitched questions to include from each interview, and have marked my own personal questions and their responses with an asterisk *.

Live online interviews - April 29, 1996


Online host: Big news! Dick Wilson, TV's Mr. Whipple is here! Right now!

*Question: What was a favorite memory from working on Bewitched?

*Dick Wilson: The entire cast, they were absolutely marvelous. It was my happiest time in show business.

Question: Mr. Whipple what are you doing now ??

Dick Wilson: Well, I had a very bad fall and I had brain surgery and I had to learn to walk and talk again. And here I am.

Question: How many years did you make the Charmin commercials?

Dick Wilson: 25 years.

Online host: Mr. Whipple is busily autographing packages of Charmin while he takes your questions.

Question: Do you get Charmin free for the rest of your life?

Dick Wilson: YES, I do. I get free toilet paper for the rest of my life.

Question: In what year was the very first Charmin commercial?

Dick Wilson: 1964.

Question: What role did you play on Bewitched?

Dick Wilson: The drunk, and you're talking to a guy who never had a drink in his life. And that's the truth. My wife will stand by that.

*Question: Do you have any special memories of Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched?

*Dick Wilson: She was one of the nicest ladies that I ever met in my life. If it wasn't for my wife I would've married her but my wife wouldn't let me.


Online host: Barbara Eden's here! She's joining us now. It's her first time online, so make her feel welcome.

Online host: Get your questions in now for Jeannie.

Barbara Eden: Hello everybody. Are you there?

Question: How many of those Jeannie costumes were made?

Barbara Eden: MANY, because I did a lot of stunts and they were always getting ripped.

*Question: How do you feel always being compared to Elizabeth Montgomery?

*Barbara Eden: I didn't know I was compared to Elizabeth Montgomery, but I think that I'm in very good company with her.

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