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Beverly Hills 90210: Soap Life -- The 90210 Way3 star
Ambitious young Beverly Hills 90210 staffer Kristin Marlow provides an entertaining behind-the-scenes look at the hit teen soap opera. We felt as if we were actually sitting in at a writer's meeting with the creative juices and the coffee flowing at full speed. Aaron Spelling might have another hit on his hands if he ever decides to turn this into a series.  

The Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery Page 4 star
From the bewitching photo of Elizabeth Montgomery on the home page to a draft of the pilot script, this Bewitched site will enchant you. Without even a twitching nose, it conjures up a detailed episode guide, pictures and sounds from the series -- as well as the whole of Liz's Hollywood career -- in a respectful yet playful manner.

The Bewitched Home Page 2 star
(page now gone from here)
If only this fun, attractive Bewitched page had more information (especially an episode guide), we'd rate it higher. Fans will enjoy the bewitching array of trivia, including the theme song lyrics ("That brand of woo you've been brewin'...") and the story behind Samantha's twitching nose, as well as thoughtful essays on the show's feminist subtext.

Bewitched: Matthijs van Doorn's Page 1 star
(page now gone from here)
Only Aunt Clara could have bungled this one any worse. This bare-bones site makes no mention of the great Dick York/Dick Sargent controversy. Visit if you want to know what they call Bewitched in the Netherlands. Wait, we'll save you the trip: Een schone heks.

Beyond 2000 [To Be Reviewed]

The Bionic Page 2 star
Feeling nostalgic for the '70s, when Steve Austin (aka the Six Million Dollar Man) and Bionic Woman Jaime Sommers protected us from danger? This site has the technology, but it lacks a certain spark. On the positive side, The Bionic Page offers a detailed FAQ, a quarterly newsletter and various photos and sounds. The episode guide, however, is as weak as Austin before the surgery.

Blackadder:'s Page 4 star
(page now gone from here)
From a funny FAQ to a transcript of one of the classic episodes, this complete and classy guide to Blackadder, the hysterical, historical British farce, will delight fans and encourage the uninitiated to rush to the video store. A cunning site indeed.

Blake's 7 2 star
Star Trek meets Masterpiece Theater on the set of Can't Stop the Music. That's the only way to describe the mix of plotlines, accents and fashion statements comprising Blake's 7. This web site for the BBC sci-fi series, which ran from 1978 to 1981, is as obsessive as any Trek tribute, with cast breakdowns, episode scripts, sound bites and even a detailed costume plot for each character. Fans of the cult show, or of velour and blue eye shadow, will find this site an invaluable resource.

Blossom: Matthijs van Doorn's Page 2 star
(page now gone from here)
"Blossom always has to be bubbly," Mayim Bialik says about her NBC-TV alter ego in an interview available at this site. This pop-culture site could use a little of that effervescence as well. Unfortunately, to stretch the soda metaphor a bit further, it's kind of flat. The only thing even mildly interesting is the Bialik interview, headlined "Adam Curry" for no apparent reason.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Eva Weitzel's Page 2 star
(page now gone from here)
Can't keep up with all the relationships on The Bold and the Beautiful? Find out who's slept with whom in this site's Past Flames section. (Apparently, Brooke Logan Forrester is one busy woman.) In addition to the usual photos and bios, the site offers a Scoops and Spoilers section, which focuses mainly on casting issues -- a soap opera unto itself.

Bosom Buddies: Peter Vassilakis's Page 2 star
"Quickly, you dog!" the terrorist leader barks, cocking his revolver. "Give us Peter Scolari's complete filmography... now!" Should this recurring nightmare ever come true, we know just where to turn. This site also features the lowdown on Tom Hanks, Donna Dixon and the rest of the Bosom Buddies cast, as well as an episode guide to the late sitcom.

Boston Common: Natalie's Page 2 star
(page now gone from here)
Natalie lays down a pretty firm foundation for a page devoted to a new TV series, providing common but essential features. She concisely explains Boston Commons's premise, detailing Boyd and Wyleen's journey from Old Virginny to the Back Bay, and supplements it with episode synopses and photos. If Natalie fleshes out the site's content (and the series lasts), this could work.

Boy Meets World2 star
If you haven't used Clearasil since the Reagan administration, steer clear of this for-fans-only site about the ABC sitcom Boy Meets World.  

The Brady Bunch: Encyclopedia Brady 3 star
Warm and fuzzy pictures greet you here, as well as 26 volumes -- from A to Z -- of Brady Bunch trivia. Under "G" you'll find Alice's Ghost-Be-Gone Anti-Witchcraft Charm, but no mention of Jan's imaginary suitor, George Glass. This web site is still under construction, but there is an FAQ and links to all things Brady (including the author's last name).

The Brady Bunch: Exor's Guide to Harmony [To Be Reviewed]
(page now gone from here)

The Brady Bunch: The Unofficial Brady Bunch Home Page 2 star
Brady Bunch fans should bookmark this one: pictures, sounds, episode guides, lyrics to Brady Kids songs, articles about the actors, Brady house blueprints and even Robert Reed's death certificate. By the time the graphics download, however, bell-bottoms will have gone in and out of style a few more times.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 2 star
(page now gone from here)
Maintained by juggler, M.C. Escher fan and Lego enthusiast (we peeked at his home page) James Petry, this site features an episode guide to the ABC-TV series (remember the episodes "Planet of the Slave Girls" and "Planet of the Amazon Women"? We didn't think so), which starred Gil Gerard, Erin Gray (whose home page is linked here) and a robot named Twiki.

Now Viewing 61-77 (of 77)
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