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Hello and welcome to the first "Elizabeth Montgomery Theater" on the web, opening its doors for business on "Halloween Eve", October 30, 1998! Here we are proud to present rare real-time movie clips complete with sound showcasing some of Elizabeth Montgomery's very early television appearances as well as rare commercials, promos and other Bewitched related things not seen on TV anymore. We will also present some of the post-Bewitched TV movies of Ms. Montgomery's which have not been shown on TV in many years, since we have had many people looking for these on video over the years (unfortunately they are not available on video, but now you can see them here!)

Now, as with anything wonderful and rare, there is always a trade-off. This section is not for those surfing on by in a hurry - it is more like a real movie experience! You will be spending some time here waiting for the Projectionist to rewind the films for you when you ask him to - this will take a while, so we suggest only visiting the theater when you have time to relax and wait a bit - after calling up your movie, go get some popcorn or a drink and don't be too impatient - great things really are always worth waiting for (think of the time involved as similar to downloading a computer program!) You will not have a long wait at all if you are on a LAN or a cable modem.

(The Usher image below takes you into the theater itself which is on another page)

1. In Theater #1, we present 3 clips from "Johnny Cool" (1963), the movie which Bewitched Director/Producer William Asher met Elizabeth Montgomery while he directed it. They fell in love while doing this movie!

2. In Theater #2, we have 3 clips from "The Rules Of Marriage" (1982). This was a 2 part movie which gave an accurate look inside the complexities of a marriage. I feel this was one of Elizabeth's best later TV movie performances, though I thought that they miscast the role as her onscreen husband.

3. In Theater #3, we have 2 clips from Elizabeth's 1961 TV show Frontier Circus, starring in the episode "Karina".

Theater Navigation

  • Theater 1, Clip 1: Click on the words "Theater 1" (TOP of the curtain) for the first clip from Johnny Cool. 2.7 MB - DL time: 9 min. at 56K

  • Theater 1, Clip 2: Click on the LOWER HALF of the same curtain for the 2nd clip from Johnny Cool. 1.5 MB - DL time: 5 min. at 56K

  • Theater 1, Clip 3: Click the "Elizabeth Montgomery Now Showing" board to the right of the Theater 1 curtain for the 3rd clip from Johnny Cool - see Liz do the twist! 853K - DL time: 2 min 45 sec at 56K

  • Theater 2, Clip 1: Click on the top of the curtain for a clip from The Rules Of Marriage (scene 1, con't in next clip) 3.3 MB - DL time: 10 min 30 sec. at 56K

  • Theater 2, Clip 2: Click on the bottom of the curtain for a continuation of the above clip from The Rules Of Marriage (scene 2 of 2) 3.9 MB - DL time: 12-1/2 min at 56K

  • Theater 2, Clip 3: Click on the Theater Directory sign for another clip from The Rules Of Marriage 2.3 MB - DL time: 7-1/2 min at 56K

  • Theater 3, Clip 1: Click the top of the Theater 3 sign for a clip from "Frontier Circus" 2.9 MB - DL time: 9 min at 56K

  • Theater 3, Clip 2: Click the center of the Theater 3 door for the second clip from "Frontier Circus" 2.3 MB - DL time: 7-1/2 min at 56K

    If you forget the above described locations, just wave your mouse pointer around till you see different file names come up in your browser status bar - this will show the location of each clip. Remember that there are a total of 8 clips. File sizes are quite large, that is why we have prepared you for a wait. Now, sit back and enjoy the features!

    Playing Our Movie Files:

    The movies you will see are in MPEG format, and most of you using Windows should already have a player which supports this format in your computer. The most common one comes with Windows and is called "media player". It is usually found in the C:\WINDOWS directory with the filename: MPLAYER.EXE. To have your browser call up this player, you must first associate it with the file type video/mpeg. In Netscape you do this by choosing Options/General Preferences/Helpers then scroll down to the file type "video/mpeg", highlight it, then in the gray are below check off "Launch The Application", then below that click "Browse" and navigate to the c:\Windows directory, browse for mplayer.exe file, double click it so its path pops into the white box, then hit ok. Now when you click on an MPEG file, this player will come up to download the movie, making it ready for you to view.


    You must have both Quicktime AND the Quicktime MPEG extension. You may download the most current version of Quicktime here and you may get the MPEG extension here.


    MPEGS do not play correctly on Web TV Classic since there is not enough RAM to download the clips to. What you see is the clip "streaming" and the quality is very poor. Web TV Plus owners may have better luck, though I have not tested this yet. It depends on how Web TV has handled the memory allocations in the Plus version.

    Click On The Usher To Enter The Theater

    All video clips are produced by us, The Bewitched & Elizabeth Montgomery Web Site, and presented for your personal surfing pleasure and are not for inclusion on other sites. Unfortunately, most of the original ideas and materials found on this site have been lifted without our permission for inclusion on other sites - some continue to take nearly all of our ideas and materials within days (and sometimes within hours) of our posting them, modeling their sites very closely after ours since they know we have been successful in what we have done. We know many of you who follow our site are already aware of this, and have seen this for yourselves over the past year and a half. We do appreciate the concern you have shown in this matter, and also thank you to the majority who have "asked first" when you have needed something - we always help those polite enough to ask :-)

    We welcome ALL sites who continue to be innovators in their work - let us know what you are up to so we can see what cool things you have created too!

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