Minerva Goes Straight


Tabitha.....Lisa Hartman
Minerva......Karen Morrow
Adam.......David Ankrum
Jean Claude..Dick Libertini
Marvin.....Mel Stewart
Blonde.........Susan Keller
Paul......Robert Urich
Sheik........Frank Delfino

When witch Minerva expresses dissatisfaction with her love life, her niece Tabitha points out that only normal people have normal relationships. Minerva is willing to try anything - even this "normalcy" - and lands herself a secretarial job in the office of Tabitha's co worker, TV talk show host, Paul Thurston.

Paul invites Tabitha for a weekend of skiing, and Tabitha, for the sake of Minerva's love life - and her own protection - invites Minerva to join them. Upon arrival, Minerva is immediately taken with Jean Claude LeMatt, a French forty-ish ski instructor. She books herself in advance for private instruction the next morning, to be followed by a very private luncheon.

Though warned about Jean Claude's reputation as a philanderer, Minerva falls for him - at the same time that Jean Claude is falling for a beautiful blonde. That evening while Minerva waits for Jean Claude to show up for a date, Tabitha sees him with the blonde. Temporarily rescinding her ban on the use of magical powers, Tabitha ineptly casts a spell to make Jean Claude think only of Minerva. It works! His every other word is "Minerva" and he sees her face everywhere on everyone.

Even when he encounters the real Minerva, Jean Claude assumes that she is just another apparition. Convinced that he is truly mad, Minerva decides that she has picked the wrong guy, and Tabitha admits that she was wrong to suggest that Minerva live the "normal" life. Later that evening, Minerva resumes her old ways by dancing with a tall, handsome warlock in apres ski clothing.


Trouble erupts when Tabitha's Aunt Minerva decides to try living as a mortal and falls madly in love with a philandering French ski instructor.

Produced by: George Yanok
Directed by: Charles Rondeau
Written by: Jerry Mayer

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