Tabitha's Weighty Problem


Tabitha.....Lisa Hartman
Minerva......Karen Morrow
Adam.......David Ankrum
Vasily...... Peter Palmer
Marvin.....Mel Stewart
Dr Bombay....Bernard Fox
Paul......Robert Urich
The Prince...Robert Clarke

Assistant program manager at a metropolitan television station, Adam Stephens is overjoyed when he is assigned to supervise a highly prestigious international weight lifting competition.

His sister Tabitha, a production assistant at the same station who happens to possess the magical powers of witchcraft, will serve as personal guide to Russian World Champion Vasily Kasseroff during his visit. There is one slight problem, however; Tabitha has a cold. This is unheard of among witches. Every time Tabitha sneezes her gifted nose twitches, casting spells over which she has no control.

Her bewitching Aunt Minerva conjures up a remedy of spider webs and other goodies, which seems to work. As Tabitha shows Vasily the sights, he complains about everything, assuring her that Russia is superior in every way. The annoyed young witch uses her special talent to convince the weight lifter otherwise. She introduces him to such American wonders as a hamburger which never diminishes no matter how much of it is eaten.

Tabitha loses her power just as Vasily begins making romantic overtures, but Minerva rescues her. Adam is angry at Tabitha for using witchcraft on Vasily, who fortunately attributes his confusing day to too much vodka. Just as the competition is about to begin, Tabitha accidentally turns the Russian into a photograph of himself.

She summons family physician and warlock Dr. Bombay, who cures her uncommon cold. Her powers restored to normal and Tabitha reverses the spell on Vasily just in time for the contest.


When Tabitha contracts an uncommon cold, her magical powers go haywire causing confusion at an international weight lifting competition.

Produced by: Bob Stambler
Directed by: Charles Dubin
Written by: Jerry Mayer

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