Tabitha's Triangle


Tabitha.....Lisa Hartman
Minerva......Karen Morrow
Adam.......David Ankrum
Ted...... Dack Rambo
Marvin.....Mel Stewart
Paul......Robert Urich

When Ted Bingham, a candidate for State Senator is a guest on the Paul Thurston Show, Paul questions him with unwarranted hostility.

After the interview, it is revealed that the handsome and articulate Bingham had agreed to do the show because of his attraction to Thurston's pretty assistant Tabitha Stephens. With a bit of magic, Tabitha alters the departure time on his plane ticket so that Ted can find time to ask her to dinner.

Tabitha's Aunt Minerva, meanwhile, determines that Paul is jealous of Tabitha's apparent infatuation with Ted, and reports her findings to Tabitha. Later that night, Ted telephones from San Francisco to invite Tabitha to join him for the weekend on his return to Los Angeles. She accepts, and finds herself the object of a high-powered campaign to become the candidate's wife. She admits to Minerva that she is attracted to Ted, but unsure of his sincerity.

When Ted is invited for a return appearance on the Paul Thurston Show, Tabitha uses the opportunity to invite both Ted and Paul to a pre-show dinner to settle the jealousy between them once and for all, Minerva has other plans. She appears with a white carnation which bears a "truth spell" to determine Ted's true intentions. Unfortunately, both men arrive with bouquets of white carnations, and in the ensuing confusion it is impossible to determine whether either of the men is under the spell.

Later, during the telecast, it is apparent that both men are telling the total truth. For Ted, this means admitting to the backing of a wealthy tax evader; for Paul, it means confessing his jealousy of Ted and proclaiming his love for Tabitha. After the broadcast, Ted gracefully admits that his campaign for Tabitha doesn't stand a chance in the face of Paul's on-the-air declaration of affection.

After Ted leaves, it is discovered that Paul alone had been under the truth spell, which leaves Tabitha wondering who can really say what "truth" is.


Aunt Minerva decides to test the intentions of two men interested in Tabitha, only to have her magic spell go awry.

Produced by: George Yanok
Directed by: Murray Golden
Written by : George Yanok

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