A Star Is Born


Tabitha.....Lisa Hartman
Minerva......Karen Morrow
Adam.......David Ankrum
Wanda.....Jeanne Wilson
Marvin.....Mel Stewart
Margaret.....Montana Smoyer
Paul......Robert Urich
Pietro........Fritz Feld

The day before her debut on KXLA, the gorgeous new weather girl, Wanda, turns out to be a special friend to talk show host Paul Thurston and a trial to Tabitha.

When Paul takes his cue from Wanda and begins treating Tabitha as an underling, it proves to be too much for Tabitha's Aunt Minerva She hints to Tabitha that if Tabitha was a TV star, she wouldn't have to take that kind of treatment from anyone. Tabitha ignores the suggestion, even when faced with the prospect of giving the lovely Wanda her five A.M wake up calls.

The next morning, Minerva sees to it that Wanda's departure for the sutdio is delayed by makeup troubles - her false eyelashes keep ending up on the tip of her nose. Tabitha is pressed into service as a replacement for missing Wanda and is a big success. On learning that Wanda has unexpectedly quit to star in a movie, Tabitha becomes the permanent weather girl and her old job is given to Margaret, a lady in her 50's with illusions of allure.

The accoutrements of stardom (supermarket openings and such) hold no appeal for Tabitha. She doesn't even have time to study the weather she is trying honestly to predict, despite Aunt Minerva's spectacular interference.

When producer Marvin Decker forces her to wear a new, scantier outfit, Tabitha announces that she is quitting. As luck would have it, Margaret chooses that moment to misread a proposal from Paul that she stay and work late as an indecent proposition.

Margaret quits, and Tabitha is restored to her old job - which is far from stardom, but a lot closer to what she wants.


Aunt Minerva not only "arranges" for Tabitha to become a TV weather girl, but sees to it that the weather does whatever Tabitha predicts.

Produced by: George Yanok
Directed by: Charles Rondeau
Teleplay by: Roland Wolpert and Bernie Kahn

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