Tabitha (the pilot)


Tabitha......Lisa Hartman
Minerva......Karen Morrow
Adam......David Ankrum
Roger......Barry Van Dyke
Marvin......Mel Stewart
Andrew......Eric Server
Paul......Robert Urich
Sherry......Timothy Blake

Tabitha Stephens, daughter of a mortal father and a witch mother, has inherited her mother's powers, which are used only for good, of course. Her brother Adam is a mere mortal and totally disapproves of Tabitha making use of her gift.

Adam helped Tabitha get a job as Assistant Program Director at KXLA-TV, where he too works. Late night interview host, Paul Thurston has a huge ego and is a thorn in the side of everyone, especially producer Marvin Decker.

Tabitha arranges for handsome and controversial Professor Andrew Collins, author of a book on fuel conservation, to be a guest on the show only to learn that Thurston intends to replace him with beauty contestant Sherry McBride. Meanwhile, Aunt Minerva, also a witch, has paid a visit to discourage Tabitha from dating mortals, particularly Adam's fraternity brother Roger Bennett.

The night of the show, Tabitha decides to visit Thurston in an effort to change his mind. When Roger arrives to pick her up for a date, Aunt Minerva solves the problem by temporarily "freezing" Roger. Tabitha goes off - under protest from Adam - to persuade Thurston. Using her powers, Tabitha demonstrates the effects of a fuel crisis for the unsuspecting Thurston.

First, the appliances in his apartment stop working and there is a blackout, then his car, three cabs and one bus run out of gas. By the time Thurston arrives at the studio, he is so upset by his experience that he insists Collins discuss the energy crisis on his show that very night. Tabitha goes happily home to "defrost" an unknowing Roger.


Young witch Tabitha Stephens is torn between her mortal brother, discouraging her from using her powers, and her witch aunt, encouraging her to do the opposite.

Produced by: Robert Stambler
Directed by: Bruce Bilson
Written by: Jerry Mayer

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