Mr Nice Guy


Tabitha.....Lisa Hartman
Minerva......Karen Morrow
Adam.......David Ankrum
Sister Rosalind...Billie Hayes
Marvin.....Mel Stewart
Moving Man...Mickey Morton
Paul......Robert Urich
Claudius.....Richard Brande

Tabitha Stephens, a young witch, works for Paul Thurston, a TV talk show host whose arrogance and conceit offend her. Her aunt Minerva decides to make Paul more appealing to Tabitha, and perhaps start a romance between them, so she puts on Paul what she calls a "Mr Nice Guy" spell.

Tabitha notices the change in Paul, who, ironically, seems to be suddenly too nice. He begins to act like an amateur on his own show, and Tabitha thinks it is her fault. Tabitha and Adam test Paul's "niceness" and come to the conclusion that he is under a spell. Tabitha finally discovers how the spell works: any time Paul looks in the mirror, he becomes "Mr Nice Guy".

Tabitha and Adam become further distressed by Paul's decision to give away all his material possessions. They try to solve the problem by removing all of Paul's mirrors, but with no success. All seems hopeless when Paul decides to do missionary work in China with a nun, one of his interview guests.

Tabitha, determined to put an end to the spell, finds Minerva and, using her own powers, makes Minerva's hips grow to an outlandish size. The blackmail works, Minerva agrees to restore Paul to his true self, and Tabitha restores Minerva's original figure.

Paul is once more his old, obnoxious self, verbally attacking the nun, who, with Tabitha's help, stuns Paul with her defense.


Minerva's spell to turn arrogant Paul into a nice person backfires when his TV show starts losing ratings.

Produced by: George Yanok
Directed by: Charles Rondeau
Written by : Martin Donovan

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