Video clips from the Elizabeth Montgomery Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony
Friday January 4, 2008

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NOTE: There were a lot of trucks and buses going by during the speeches so sometimes the words are hard to hear. The text for some of the speeches was translated by the speakers for me and is at the bottom of this page if you'd like to review it.

Here is Johnny Grant's opening
statement and description of
Liz's career (14 mb)

Dizzy Sheridan was Lizzie's good
friend and she talks about their
relationship here (14 mb)

Robert Foxworth was Lizzie's
former husband and he talks about
what she was like here (14.5 mb)

Here Rebecca and Bill Asher Jr.
talk about their mom (16 mb)

The star is unveiled here and the
whole family gathers for the
photographers (and no, that's not
Joe yelling "Robert" multiple
times... (11 mb)

Here's a short clip of Bernard
& Jacqui Fox and Bill & Meredith
Asher (587k)

Bill Asher: "So, I'm going to let my sister do the honors, but I just wanted to thank everybody for coming out...our family and our friends ... for being out here on this beautiful rainy day. And, especially, I want to thank my mom's tenacious and loving fans which over the last decade or more have rallied to really make this star on hollywood boulevard happen for her. So, I just want to thank you very much for that...and...Rebecca..."

Rebecca: "I don't mean to be redundant, but it is so awesome that it is raining. I can't really even express it. She's so happy right now. I'm sorry...I know some people are not.

There are not many things more gratifying than seeing someone you care about be recognized for the work they've done. Never mind if that person is your mother.

She was, honestly, an incredible human being and full of grace and wit and beauty and brilliance. In her everyday life, she brought a sense of wonder to everything she did and a unique perspective to everything she laid her eyes on. She was incredible.

My siblings and I...all of us...(we are all sort of scattered around) feel fortunate to have had her influence the people we've become, and to witness the way she impacted other peoples lives, as well. We get to see it even now sometimes in peoples eyes when they find out who our mother is.

My mom worked hard and always challenged herself, and her audience even, with the roles she took.

We all love her very much and are very proud of her and couldn't be happier to be here to accept this on her behalf.

So, thank you Mr. Grant, thank you to The Chamber and thank you to all of you for standing in the rain..and, uh, that's it! Thank you, this is awesome. Yay, Mom!

Dizzy Sheridan (not an exact translation of the video, but in her recollection of the words): "Lizzie was my best friend. When I first came to California, I was a house guest of Bill Bast and his partner Paul Huson. Bill had just written "Lizzie Bordon" for Liz.

After the movie, she wanted to be called Lizzie and asked me why my name was Dizzy. I told her my sister couldn't pronounce Elizabeth when we were kids and it came out 'Dizabeth' and from the on I have been called Dizzy, all my life.

Bill and Paul and I were invited to her house the first week I was here. Liz and I hit it off right away. The next morning she called me and wanted to know what kind of shampoo i used and would I like to go to the racetrack? After that we went all the time. Then she asked me to move into the apartment she had over her garage where I lived for quite awhile, and watched her kids grow up.

Finally I found an apartment of my own. She loaned me the down payment and when I finally payed her back, we were in the back seat of her limo being driven to Santa Anita racetrack. I took the cash out of my pocket and gave it to her thanking her for the loan. She whooped and threw the money all over us and the driver and said I was the only person who ever payed her back. We went to the track and spent it.

A day or two before she died, she called me from her home. She was in bed, "Hi", she said. I said, "Hi,so what's new?" She said, "Oh, you Know, a little of this and a little of that" We both giggled and thats the last words we spoke. I loved her dearly and think of her constantly and remember the wonderful times. I will always miss her."

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