Proof Sheets from the ABC Archives

So, what's a proof sheet? A studio photographer took photos to document each episode of Bewitched during it's run through. Select photos were then used, usually for advertising purposes, in publications such as TV guides, newspapers and the like. The proof sheet, (a contact print) was produced which showed all frames shot per roll of film. These in turn were looked at by staff members to determine which pictures would be used for final prints. Only one set of proof sheets exist per episode. We were very fortunate to be able to obtain original proof sheets along with the original envelopes containing the photographer's name, date shot, and other technical info pertaining to the sheets. Since these proofs are quite small, I have had to keep the overall size larger than usual so they can be more easily seen. Therefore, some may be a little slow to download. But be patient! Treasures like this are worth the wait. On some, you will see links underneath each full sheet which contain some individual shots from the episode which I thought you might find interesting to see. The red or black circles on certain pictures is grease pencil used to mark certain shots for (most likely) exclusion. Watch for new sheets periodically.

Bewitched & Elizabeth Montgomery Proof Sheets

  • See Agnes Moorehead taking a bubble bath in "Business Italian Style"

  • See a sheet from "Samantha's Good News"

  • See a sheet from Elizabeth Montgomery's first post-Bewitched movie "The Victim" here and here.

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