Playing in Pandora's Box

This interactive feature of the site is a lot of fun, but will not perform well or at all on some systems. Don't even bother going any further if you have a computer much older than 1-1/2 years or you do not have a Java enabled browser. Guidelines to see if it will work for you are as follows:

  • You must have a Java enables browser (Netscape or IE v. 3.0 or above)

  • You must have Java turned ON. In Netscape, go to Options/Network Preferences/Languages/then check off the boxes that say Enable Java and Enable Javascript. In IE,Go to View/Internet Options/Advanced/Java VM and check off Java JIT Compiler Enabled.

  • The faster your computer, the faster Pandora's Box will rotate. Best case (as in my own computer), it will take only 1-2 seconds for a photo to rotate into the position of the one before it. I have a 450 mhz Pentium II. I have tested it on 133 and 233 MHZ systems and while it works, the box turns very slowly. So if you have a pretty new (fast) computer with a Pentium II processor, it will work as intended. If you have an older computer, and you see the box move, then pause a long time, then move, don't even bother waiting futher (sorry). Newer Macs are fine too.

  • It does not work at all on Web TV Classic. I will be testing it on Web TV Plus soon.

    What You Can Do And How To Do It

    When you go to the Pandora's Box page, you must wait for 6 photos to load - you will see a gray box, then a small note will appear in the middle of the screen that says "loading image 1" and so on till all 6 are loaded (it may say "done" on your browser's lower status bar, but just ignore this as long as you see the images loading message - this may take a few minutes on some computers, so be patient). The box will start to spin after that. If it is turning very slowly or is jerky, it means you don't have enough computing horsepower to see it as it was intended - best to move on to another part of the site! It should spin quickly and very smoothly.

    This spinning box is "interactive" which means you can control what it does by positioning your mouse around and on the pics. Spin it faster by moving your mouse pointer to the outer corners of the picture, move it slower by moving your pointer towards the middle. When you move your mouse to the edges, it will spin in that direction. See a picture stop moving and "come forward" by clicking ONCE on the one you want to see closer. When a pic is standing still after clicking on it, click again and it will start the box moving again. Click twice on a pic and it will take you to another page on the site.

    Have fun and let me know if you have any problems with it not showing up at all (send browser and O/S info)

    Play In Pandora's Box Here

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