Sunset-Gower Studios Had A Fire

These incredible images came from the Insurance Adjuster who took them after the Bewitched set burned. Thanks to Roberta for letting us have them exclusively.

Bill Asher examines lost posessions in Liz's dressing room. Note Liz's infamous "door of autographs" signed by Bewitched guest stars, crew and cast. Here are some of them: "Dear Elizabeth - it's been a gas working with you and your husband and cast. Good luck for many years, Isabell Sanford" as Aunt Jenny in ep. 142 "SAMANTHA GOES SOUTH FOR A SPELL" (10-3-68), "Liz, Luv Glenda Farrell" as Hortense in ep. 164. "THE BATTLE OF BURNING OAK" (3-13-69), "Dick Michaels", "Keep Twitching, Kenny Miller", "Liz - Had A Lovely Time, Jonathan Harris" as Monroe in ep 143. "SAMANTHA ON THE KEYBOARD" (10-10-68) and as Sir Leslie in ep 206 "PAUL REVERE RIDES AGAIN" (10-29-70), "(word cut off) with lots of fire - (word cut off) should never tire", Bob Tobey", "Bernard Fox" (some words cut off, and others.

What an eerie picture - Bill amongst the ruins. You can see dressing tables and mirrors off to the right.

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