Join Us As We Are Escorted Through The Old Neighborhood By A Bewitched Cast Member

Kasey and Joe

After the annual (and legendary!) Los Angeles Bewitched Halloween Party in 1999, Joe visited the Ranch with former Bewitched cast member Kasey Rogers and friend Mark Wood as his escorts. They had the usual fun chatting with Ranch employees who were kind enough to let them visit and take photos. Below find a slideshow of photos Joe took of Morning Glory Circle, still very much a working backlot. At the time they were filming something by the pool area, so it was fenced off and you weren't supposed to take pictures there (though Joe peeked over and took one anyway :-). Joe climbed up inside the house and you will see photos of the single lamps that eerily light up the inside - where has everybody gone???? You will also see pictures taken from inside the house looking down the walkway as well as the Kravitz/Partridge Family house (yellow), one of the I Dream of Jeannie homes, Gidget's house with a different facade and other homes on the street. Remember that back alley shot - which way did that Bulldog go??? How about seeing the back of the house all closed in now? Sit back and enjoy seeing 30 pictures of Bewitching neighborhood history!



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