Meet A Most Amazing Australian Fan And See The STUPENDOUS Model He Made Of 1164 Morning Glory Circle!

April 2011


Thanks for a great site for Bewitched fans.

Thought you might like a look at my Bewitched house that I hand made from card, styrene, wood, embossed brick paper etc. It's me taken many hours to build as everything had to be made by hand.

In one of the photos you will notice that I have photoshopped the real backdrop behind my model:

You are welcome to share these photos if you want.

By the way, I live in Australia but got to visit the U.S.A and biggest thrill of all was visiting the ranch and seeing the Bewitched facade (they did'nt have the heart to turn me away after seeing my model and how much work I had put into it)! It has changed a bit over the years, but is of course still very recognisable.

Thanks again for keeping the memory alive of a great TV show.


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